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Minutes of Monthly Meeting April 16, 2018

Village of Fultonville



Meeting opened at 6:03

Present at the meeting:

Mayor- Linda Petterson-Law

Trustee- Robyn Rose

Trustee- Linda Denton

Trustee Timothy Morford

Trustee- Stephen Helmin




MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Denton To Approve the Minutes of the April 2, 2018 Organizational Meeting, Seconded by Trustee Helmin. All Ayes and No Nays. Motion Passed.



MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Denton To Approve the Minutes of the March 19 Meeting as corrected, Seconded by Trustee Rose.  4 Ayes and 0 Nays 1 Abstain. Motion Passed.





MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Helmin To Accept the Audit of the Bills and Pay those Bills for the Month, Seconded by Trustee Denton. All Ayes and No Nays. Motion Passed.



Trustee Helmin: The board has been working on the budget, Steve was walking on Riverside Drive near the

Hotel some work had been done on the sidewalk and a berm was create. Ron explained the National

Grid had some work and has a contract with someone to fix it.

Trustee Denton: Has the cardboard issue been settled? Time to remove Hydrant Hats?

Trustee Rose: Spoke with Councilman Crewel regarding a meeting between the Village Board and the town

Board so we can start working together more. Would like to set a couple of possible dates to meet.

Trustee Morford: Working on taking the website live as soon as all minutes are up loaded. Received the part of

the sign and hope to have it working within the week. Spoke with Randy Savage about solar powered

street lights. He has grant application for LED and Solar, the conversation will continue.

Fire Chief (Bill Rose): Report attached. Request for approval of newly elected officers,


MOTION MADE BY Trustee Morford To Accept the New Officers, Seconded by Trustee Helmin. All AYES and No NAYES. MOTION PASSED

Public Works (Ron Kasha): Flushing of the hydrants will take place either the last week of April of the first

week of May, at 6:00 p.m. Started working on Upper Franklin, removing trees and brush from the ditch.  

Rented a street sweeper and swept the street. Picking up yard debris every Monday and Friday, it can

just be placed at the curve. Re placed the Washington Street sign. Ron will be here for Clean Sweep.

Village wide cleanup will be from 4/23-4/26/18.

Clerk (Vickie R) We were contact by the Youth Bureau regarding them cleaning Solder and Sailor Park on

4/28/18gave them approval and Ron will pickup the bags on Monday.

Code Enforcement (Grant Egleston): Report attached.

Animal Control (Nick Shepard): Report attached



We have been holding budget workshops and will need one more. Next workshop will be 4/24/18 at 5:00 p.m.

2018-2019 budget Public Hearing on 4/30/18 at 5:45 p.m. and Special Meeting to vote on budget at 6:00 p.m.

WWTP- asked Justin to get together some figures for a budget at the WWTP. Trying to set an appointment with Fonda.    


Beginning to make revisions to the Employee Handbook, included in meeting packet, this is not written in stone and are looking for input.

Water Rate adjustment- When reviewing and speaking with Don, believe we need to have some money in the budget for water repairs. We need to add a $20.00 water surcharge to the residential accounts.


MOTION MADE BY Trustee Rose to Accept Resolution 04-02, 2018 Revising the Residential water/sewer rates., Seconded by Trustee Helmin.  Tabled until the April 30, 2018 meeting.



Trying to get on board with our Zoning, Planning, and Ethics Boards. We have one letter from someone interested in being on the Planning Board, Art Marshall. Will be posted on the website that we are looking for people. Once we get enough people interested we will do an interview process.



Allan Taylor: village wide pick up each day 4/23/28-4/26/18. No paint cans.



MOTION MADE BY Trustee Rose, Seconded by Trustee Helmin to go into Executive Session. All AYES and No NAYES. MOTION PASSED

4/25/2018 12:54:04 PM