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Minutes Dec 28,2017

Village of Fultonville

MINUTES OF DECEMBER 28, 2017 Public Hearing


Meeting opened at

Present at the meeting:

Mayor- Linda Petterson-Law

Trustee- Robyn Rose-absent

Trustee- Linda Denton

Trustee Timothy Morford

Trustee- Chad Quackenbush-absent


PUBLIC HEARING: Opened at 12:20 PM Hearing no public comment Hearing closed at 12;21PM.



MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Denton To Adopt Resolution 10-01 2017as Local Law , Seconded by Trustee Morford. ALL Ayes and NO Nayes. Motion Passed.



MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Morford To Accept Resolution 12-03 2017 To Identify Polling Places. , Seconded by Trustee Denton. ALL Ayes and NO Nayes. Motion Passed.



MOTION MADE BY Trustee Denton, Seconded by Trustee Morford to adjourn. AYES and NAYES. MOTION PASSED

4/13/2018 2:59:11 PM