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Jan 22, 2019 Joint WWTP Meeting with Fonda

Village of Fultonville



Meeting opened at 5:10

Present at the meeting:

Mayor- Linda Petterson-Law

Trustee- Robyn Rose

Trustee- Linda Denton

Trustee Timothy Morford

Trustee- Stephen Helmin


Also, in attendance:

Fonda Board members Lynn Dumar, Tim Healey, Wally Boyd, and Justin Cotter, Sewer Plant Operator.


Justin was given a chance to address the Boards. He spoke about the inspection report. It wasn’t very good; the main complaint is the clarifier that has been down for a while. There are somethings that need to be worked on, Justin’s suggestion is to have a member of each Board to do this. Need a backup plan for sludge removal. The report says we should look at not taking any septic in at the plant. Concern is that Paraskeva is the only removal hauler and if told we won’t take his septic any more, he may refuse to haul our sludge. Justin suggested a few possible other contractors. Justin needs personnel help at the plant. Tim Healey has offered to head up the WWTP. He needs immediate help. Tim would like to put Fonda employee Jay Cyr with Justin during the winter when things are quite to shadow Justin. The old WWTP budget had a $15,000.00-line item in it for part time help. Jay can work under Justin’s license. Need to look for a secondary spot if something should happen with Paraskeva or Johnstown accepting our sludge. Tim will help Justin make contacts and find a secondary processor.


Spoils pile behind WWTP- DEC received an anonymous complaint regarding where the yard waste is dumped. The DEC thinks it might be to close to wetlands. DEC may be back in the spring, he wasn’t overly worried about it. Mayor Petterson-Law has spoke with Fultonville’s DPW, we want to be in compliance and Fultonville will clean up anything that weren’t supposed to do and it will not happen again. Tim suggests that if DEC is OK with it, the Fonda River Front project is in need of clean fill.


There is a sign on a section of the river bank that is eroding. It says “Pipeline do not anchor”. Tim would like to see the sign repainted a replace further back on the bank.  


Trustee Denton has a concern with the fact that if anything should happen to Justin, he is over there alone. Justin to look at available applications in each village to see if he thinks there is a good candidate.


Tim says Fonda would not look to Fultonville for reimbursement for time Jay Cyr spends at the WWTP.


Justin can change the times that he does certain things so that the second person would be there when he is doing more dangerous things.


Each village to advertise for a Waste Water Treatment Trainee, part-time.



MOTION MADE BY Trustee Denton, Seconded by Trustee Helmin to adjourn. AYES and NAYS. MOTION PASSED


3/5/2019 2:37:56 PM