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Jan 22, 2019 Grant Consult Meeting

Village of Fultonville



Meeting opened at 5:04

Present at the meeting:

Mayor- Linda Petterson-Law

Trustee- Robyn Rose

Trustee- Linda Denton

Trustee Timothy Morford

Trustee- Stephen Helmin


Attending: Nick Zabowski of Orion Management Co. to give a summary of Grants 14 and 16.


Spoke about SAM Grant, 14 and 16.

Grant 14- As far as the State is concerned this Grant is completed with a certificate of completion being issued. He did see that they have not come out and monitored the Grant. This is probably a good thing because he found things missing from the records. He explained what was missing, and gave board a written report.


Grant 16- This Grant has not started yet. Laberge did ask for a drawdown, but the Mayor informed the State and Laberge that would not happen. He explained what was missing, and gave the Board a written report. Mayor Peeler and Mayor Headwell did sign a Municipality Agreement on July 29, 2016, this only covers Grant 16.


SAM Grant- Not much has been done.



MOTION MADE BY Trustee Helmin, Seconded by Trustee Denton to adjourn. All AYES and No NAYES. MOTION PASSED

3/5/2019 2:37:10 PM